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Somerville Medical Centre

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Your Data Matters

As of 11th October 2018 you will no longer be able to register your decision to opt-out from data sharing at our surgery.


Your data will only be shared within the NHS and associated medical research bodies. We will never distribute any of your patient identifiable data to any third party (i.e. solicitors) without your prior consent.


Health and care professionals may use your confidential patient information to help with your treatment and care. For example, when you visit your consultant, they may access your records for important information about your health.


Unless you have chosen to opt out, your confidential patient information can be used for research and planning. This online service allows you to make or change your decision at any time. You can also download a form to manage a choice on behalf of another individual by proxy. For example, if you are a parent or guardian of a child under the age of 13.


For more information on this subject or to opt-out electronically please click here.