Somerville Medical Centre

69 Gorsey Lane, Wallasey, Merseyside, CH44 4AA

Telephone: 0151 638 9333

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Help During Self Isolation

During this period of isolation and uncertainty there is still help available for those in our community. Please see the attached list of those below of a few who have offered their time or services to those in need.


Name of Service Provider Contact Details Provides help with:
Costcutter – Wallasey 0151 639 3717 Shopping for the Elderly
Tranmere Rovers Shopping/Prescriptions
The Hygiene Bank 07816659055 Hygiene products (including toilet paper)
Whieldon’s Butchers 0151 608 2137 Free delivery for all food orders from their shop
British Gas 0333 202 9862 To arrange smart meter to enable top-up over the phone
The Post Office/Premier Shop 01244 531246 Elderly, vulnerable, housebound – call before 2pm with order and delivery will be made same day between 2pm-5pm
Hoylake Carpets 0151 632 6219 Free delivery to pick up shopping and prescriptions
Centreline Fires & Bathrooms (Wallasey) 0151 346 9266 Free delivery to pick up shopping and prescriptions
Edwards at Oxton 0151 652 1495 Free delivery of groceries
Iceland Frozen Foods (most stores) Early opening (7am – 9am) for elderly only, free home delivery on spends of £25+
Most Supermarkets Early opening 1-2 hours for elderly and vulnerable
Fine Fruits (farm shop) 0151 648 0388 Free delivery for orders over £20, Home delivery available on orders over £10: Fresh fruit, veg and salad, dairy products such as milk, yoghurt and cheese, tins, organic pasta and rice
Wards Fish (Birkenhead Market) 0151 666 1842 Free delivery on all produce
Moneysworth (Birkenhead Market) 0151 647 3039

07519653985 (Tommy)

07939103782 (Ann)

Free delivery on fresh meat, deli products including cooked meats, pies, cheese, eggs etc.
Fruit and Veg (Birkenhead Market) 07966 274 295 Free delivery on all fruit, veg and salad
Gas and Electric Your own supplier Contact your supplier if you have any difficulties as they have contingencies in place to help.
Christ Church Parish Office 07473028991 Help with shopping, prescriptions or dog walking.
Rev Mike Loach 0151 609 0943
Pastor Dave Johnson 07843210906
Kate Lewis 07891590743
Kirsty Johnson 07850518154
Sarah Loach 07828166490
Age UK – Well being Service 0151 482 3456 People of any age who are isolated and need shopping, prescription collection or a listening ear etc.
Colin’s Fruit and Veg 07837179703 Free delivery over £5
Leaf, Black Horse Hill, West Kirby Drive to their carpark Fruit and veg, meat, eggs and milk
Dairy Plus 07856008916 Milk and other dairy products
Owens and Sons Butchers 07593533818 Free delivery of meat and eggs
Help Link Community Support 0151 648 3322

Opening Times

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    08:00am to 06:30pm
  • Tuesday
    08:00am to 06:30pm
  • Wednesday
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  • Thursday
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